Welcome to the 2015 Whaling Days Web Site! 

Whaling Days is a not-for-profit festival run exclusively by Volunteers. Whaling Days is open to the public and everyone is welcome regardless of race, creed, color, nationality, religion or sexual orientation.

Whaling Days has hosted a family oriented festival in “Old Town” Silverdale since 1972. Run exclusively by volunteers, this not-for-profit organization believes strongly in helping and supporting our Kitsap County community and has begun setting aside monies as available in the annual budget to “give back”


• Bring fun family appropriate entertainment to Kitsap county
• Raise the bar for audience expectations within the county
• Bring the finest National, Regional, and Local entertainment to Kitsap county
• Recognize audience diversity

Over the last 40 years Whaling Days has become a summer staple for families from all over the Kitsap County community. The festival is a Not-for-profit organization run exclusively by Volunteers. Each year Whaling Days donates proceeds to our local community through charitable contributions and scholarships.